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Water Matters (UK) Limited – Commercial, Industrial and Domestic Water Supply Services

Water Matters (UK) will provide you with expert and quality services for you from detecting underground water leaks and repairs to supply pipe, water mains and water supply infrastructure installation.

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Water leak detection
When choosing Water Matters (UK) to solve your water leakage problem, you will benefit from our years of experience, expertise and the technology at our disposal. This ensures that an efficient, cost effective solution is provided to you every time. The combination of traditional methodology and the latest acoustic and gas insertion technology ensures accurate leak detection and delivers results time and time again.
Water Leak Repairs
From a simple 20mm main pipe reapir in soil to a 12in cast iron main under concrete, Water Matters (UK) have the experience, expertise, plant and machinery to excavate, repair and reinstate to the very highest standard. All works are undertaken safely and in accordance to current water regulations. Contact us for more details
Water Mains / Supply Pipe Replacement and new installation 
If you require an existing supply pipe or water mains replacement, or if you need new or additional mains, pipes and fittings introduced to your water supply system, Water Matters (UK) will provide an expert installation using trench-less technology (moleing) or open cut methods. 
Our management team and installation engineers have many years of Water Industry experience so you can be sure to receive a guarantee of a professional, hygienic and regulations standard installation with the minimum of fuss and bother.
It is proven that the replacement of old water mains and supply pipes will reduce leakage (thus reduce your high water bills) and improve system performance thus saving you money and protecting our precious resource

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Water Matters (UK) Limited provide a professional water service to Commercial, Industrial and Domestic Clients.
We are here to help you.
  • Water leak detection
  • Water leak repairs
  • Water supply pipe installation
  • Water supply pipe replacement
  • Water bills analysis
  • Water appliance testing
  • Water supply mechanical services
  • UK water leak detection

When water matters to you, your Water Matters to us

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Site Map

Residential Services

We detect and repair leaks for residents in the Bristol Area.


Commercial Services

We offer a full leak detection and repair service for businesses and organisations based in the UK:

  • underground leak detection
  • burst water pipe line repair
  • other water management services



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