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Water Matter (UK) is the leading Water Supply Pipe Leak Detection and Water Supply Line Pipe installer in the UK. With a simple call, you have a wide range of Water Supply services available to you, from Water Supply Line installation and repair through to Water Appliance Servicing such as Fire Hydrants and Water Meters. We pride ourselves on supplying a professional and quality water services whilst remaining competitive so that  our customer base of hotels, airports, chemical plants, motorway service stations, country homes, heritage estates and commercial offices enjoy better water bills and safe water supply appliances.

Water Matters (UK) supply a variety of supply pipe installation, repair and leak detection services including the latest Acoustic leak detection all supported by a management team with years of experience with Bristol Water. Or are you looking to save money on your water charges and lower water bills? well we also supply a water bill analysis that can immediately identify any unusual trends; our water services team can then be dispatched to find the water leak of faulty appliance.

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