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Commercial Water Leak Detection

Commercial Water Leak Detection Services for Industry, Commerce and Institutions

Barton Hill Trading Estate 005We offer a full water leak detection and repair service for businesses and organisations based in the UK and Ireland

If your site appears to have a water leak problem, Water Matters (UK) Ltd will help you. Using the latest acoustic equipment or gas insertion technology and drawing on our years of Water Company experience, the source of the water leak can normally be pinpointed to within a 1 meter square area. Once the leak has been located, we can work for your company directly or with your maintenance team to effect a solution. Throughout the detection and repair process our team will work with you to ensure our activities have the minimum impact on your day-to-day business thus alleviating you of any worries.

A local University commented:

At about 4pm on a weekday night, the University experienced serious flooding at one of its buildings. University staff identified that the 12inch diameter cast iron water main was leaking although the leak location wasn’t known or obvious. Water Matters (UK) Limited responded and working together with university staff, they identified which branch the leak was on and isolated it to remove the immediate threat to the buildings.

Saved businesses Millions of Pounds

Water Matters (UK) Ltd are a well established and trusted organisation based in Bristol but operate throughout the UK and Ireland. We have saved businesses millions of pounds in lost revenue meaning that most projects that we undertake have a short payback period and an ongoing return of investment.

Leakage Allowance

We can also negotiate with your water supplier to bring about a leakage allowance for your oganisation.

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