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Mains Water Supply Installation

Mains Water Supply Installation

Water Matters (UK) Mains Water Supply Installation Stop taps

Are you building a new development or replacing an existing water supply? then our Water Matters (UK) design team can provide you with a quotation for a new water connection or water main.


A new mains water supply would be necessary if:

  •         You are building a new property and require permanent supplies
  •         You need a temporary building supply
  •         You are converting a property into multiple units with individual supplies
  •         You are installing a fire apparatus, for example, fire sprinkler
  •         You require a supply for irrigation purposes, bin stores, landlord use, agricultural use, or any other purpose.

A Replacement water supply is required if:

  •         Your water pressure is low and you require a larger supply
  •         You want to replace an old lead supply
  •         You are separating a shared supply
  •         You are converting a property into multiple units with a shared supply.

If there is no public water distribution main on the development site or outside your property for us to make a new connection too, we will have to design and quote for a new water main and new water connections.

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