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Residential Water Main Repair

Residential Water Main Repair

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In the event of an underground water leak or following a survey by one of our Water leak detection teams, Water Matters (UK) Limited will dispatch a repair team to excavate, expose and repair the water main pipe. Whether under soil, tarmac, concrete or block paved surfaces we can either hand dig or use mechanical plant and machinery to expose the leaking pipe. Once exposed, our experienced engineers will work safely and hygienically to make an effective repair using approved fittings, pipework and standards.

Once repaired, we can back fill the excavation and re-instate the surface to its former condition

Installation and Replacement of Water Supply Pipe

No matter what the water supply pipe issue, Water Matters (UK) have the solution for you.

  • Are you concerned that your old water pipe is leaking?
  • Do you suffer from poor pressure or flow giving your domestic water supply poor performance?
  • Are you concerned about the risks from drinking from old lead pipes?
  • Has your water supply been contaminated or is it at risk due to Oil, Petrol or chemical spillages?

One or a number of the above water supply pipe issues could lead you to opt for a water pipe replacement. Our installation engineers will use trench-less technology (moleing) where possible or open cut where the ground dictates (rocky or stones) to install your new water supply pipe. The installation will include a trace wire. All installations will be carried our hygienically and in accordance with current Water Regulations

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