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Wessex Water have been using Water Matters (UK) Limited at the Avonmouth Sewage Treatment Works for many years. I have found their leak detection and repair service to be both professional and prompt; a big driver in keeping our water usage and associated revenue charges to a minimum.
Bob Porter, Wessex Water Site Supervisor

At about 4pm on a weekday night, the University experienced serious flooding at one of its buildings. University staff identified that the 12inch diameter cast iron water main was leaking although the leak location wasn’t known or obvious. Water Matters (UK) Limited responded and working together with university staff, they identified which branch the leak was on and isolated it to remove the immediate threat to the buildings. The following morning the leak was pin pointed accurately and a 2m deep excavation was made to reveal a circum fracture. By the close of day, the 12inch water main was repaired and the water supply restored to all parts of the University. Water Matters and university staff worked well as a team and a potentially serious incident was dealt with in an effective and timely manner.
Mike Lane, Estates Office, University of Bristol

We contacted Water Matters (UK) Limited because of increasing water & sewage charges, despite no alterations to our manufacturing process. We carried out our own investigations with our water supplier and whilst we knew we had a leak we had no success in locating it. Our vast network of underground pipework simply compounded the problem. We discussed the leakage issue with Water Matters and they recommended leak location by gas insertion. We viewed the method with some sceptisism as did our water supplier. Nevertheless, we employed Water Matters to locate the leak and they were successful.

Excavation at the location recommended by Water Matters revealed a black plastic pipe with a significant split. The accurate locating of the leak saved us in terms of our repair contractor’s time and the cost of road repairs. The repair itself has seen our water consumption return to a normal level.
Richard Purath, Welding Alloys Limited, Hertfordshire